Practical ideas for the household


  Here you will find a few very useful and simple ideas that,  when followed make our lives easier and more comfortable.
These photos that are shown here were received from friends, relatives, some I obtained from the Internet, while others are my very own ideas that came to me during my restoration work over the years.  In order to
increase this treasure house,  please don’t  hesitate to contribute to it in order to share it with others,  by sending photographs or descriptions  of  some clever notions that you yourself found very useful in your own life.

Please send them to the following e-mail address:

I will place them on my website, and  I am sure the some of the thousands of visitors that look us up monthly,
will find your ideas too, interesting and useful to use in their own daily life.
It is my sincere belief that by sharing, we can learn from each other to use these clever ideas.

Of course, I will provide all the help that you may require in putting some of these ideas into practice.

Kis Istvan